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Acute shortage pinches traders..deccan herald.14.8.10

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Power pangs: Generators expensive with hike in price of petroleum products
Acute shortage pinches traders
Chethan Kumar Bangalore, Aug 13, DHNS

For generation enwrapped by electronic machinery, equipment and gadgets life comes to standstill without power (electricity). Given the fast pace of life, city residents are more prone to frequent power cuts.

For Manoj who runs Ganesh Juice Centre on Cambridge Road in Ulsoor, power cut means loss of money, for home maker Brunda, in Malleswaram, it’s lost time and for Suresh, an internet cafe owner on M G Road, it’s both.

Plagued by shortage of power, Bangaloreans from all walks of life are caught in a fix with many hours of their day lost in the dark. Worries like education of children, interrupted cooking sessions, increase in criminal activity and unsafe neighbourhoods - the problems people attribute to shortage of power are many and varied in nature.

Manoj, for instance, says that with power cuts in the afternoons being a regular feature in Ulsoor over the last two months or so, he loses at least Rs 300-Rs 400 a day. “Most of my customers come during afternoon and with no power I cannot cater to all of them. Even with the generator I lose a lot of money.”

Households in different parts of the City are experiencing a terrible time in the dark. Nagamani, a homemaker with two children says: “Schools are not like earlier. My daughter has homework everyday and invariably the power goes off in the evening. So I have to keep her awake in the afternoon, during her sleep time.”

Speaking to Deccan Herald, a trader in Chickpet and Karnataka Hosiery and Garment Association past president Sajjan Raj Mehta said: “We understand the government has its limitations. But all we need is scientific way of conserving power and also generating more. Power cuts are not the only solutions.” Stating that this is casting a serious impact on traders, he said that the Association is contemplating submitting a representation to Governor H R Bhardwaj.

One question that is doing rounds in the City is why can’t the Opposition leaders give equal importance to the poor power situation in the State as they do to Reddys, if not more.

- Some residential areas like Hanumanthanagar are witnessing power cuts for 8-10 hrs a day.

- Four-five hours of shedding in the commercial area has become common

- With a hike in the prices of petroleum products, using generators is also an expensive affair for small traders & shop owners, also homes

- UPS has its own limitations. If the power cut is for more than two hours or so then it cannot supply power

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