Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ABNORMAL HIKE AS A GIFT IN PETROL PRICES ON EVE OF UPA GOVT'S 3 YEARS Inflation is an economic situation which occurs when the prices you get look good and prices you pay look awful.The United Progressive Alliance government had miserably failed to check the skyrocketing prices of food articles and other essential commodities like petrol.diesel & milk products during these years..Government fighting inflation is like the mafia fighting the crime these days.Our present economy is in terrible shape.There is one thing we can all say that inflation-it has completely eliminated the generation gap-we are all crying like babies.There is a vast difference between growth and inflation.Inflation has created a new law of gravity-what goes up gets us down..Trying to curb the inflation by reducing subsidies or raising the taxes is like giving a drunk another drink to sober him up.Increasing taxes to stop inflation makes about as much sense as fanning a fire to cool its heat.How much better off we all would be if quality or equality of living were inflated instead of prices.Thanks to the inflation or dearness we are suffering,it is costing more than ever to live beyond our means.With food,rent,petrol and gas prices so high,when you balance the budget,there is nothing left to budget the balance. . Hope & trust that effective governing will be on the agenda of the UPA GOVT otherwise warning antennas needs to be on for them. THANKS A LOT. Sajjan Raj Mehta

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