Friday, October 5, 2012


EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES OF REDUCING THE CONFLICTS It is the decision of PM directing Karnataka to release 9 thousand cusacs of water from Cauvery to Tamil Nadu followed by SC directive to follow the PM order forced Karnataka to abide by the decision which is inflicting death blow to the farmers and which has greatly affected the drinking water problem of Bangalore city ..each citizen has extended its full support to the bundh called by the Kannada organisation on 6th Oct. ENTIRE TRADE COMMUNITY IN CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT WERE KIND ENOUGH TO SUPPORT WILLINGLY ON FRIDAY TOO..The message to the central govt should be loud and clear we should not be taken for granted ..what we need is a amicable settlement alike between RAJASTHAN AND HARYANA on the same water sharing issue.. IF INDIA IS TO BE KEPT INTEGRATED, SEVERAL OBJECTIVES REQUIRE TO BE ADDRESSED WHILE PLANNING FOR RIVER WATER RESOURCES..INDIA IS A FEDERAL DEMOCRACY AND BECAUSE RIVERS CROSS STATES BOUNDARIES ,CONFLICTS OF SHARING OF WATERS ARE A PERSISTENT PHENOMENON.WE MUST CONTINUE TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES OF REDUCING THE CONFLICTS IF NOT COMPLETELY ELIMINATING THEM..MEDIA HAS A IMPORTANT ROLE TO PLAY AND OUR SUPPORT CAN BE TAKEN AS GRANTED.... Thanks a lot.. Regards..

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