Monday, January 28, 2013


Get a trade licence or shut shop After eateries, the cash-strapped BBMP wants jewellery, garments and other businesses to take trade licences to augment its revenue Bescom has given power at commercial rates to over six lakh people or establishments for carrying out various kinds of businesses, but only around 55,000 have obtained a trade licence from the BBMP. Stuck in a financial crunch, the civic agency is trying to persuade other business establishments to obtain a trade licence, which is renewed annually. Sources say the city has more than 5,000 jewellery establishments but around 90 per cent of them do not haveatradelicence.Tobeginwith,the BBMP is targeting jewellery shops in Chickpet. Health standing committee chairman S Venkatesh Babu told BANGALOREMIRROR, “We don’t have any other option. People demand civic amenities and infrastructure projects, but no one comes forward when it comes to funding these projects. The BBMP’s only source of income is property tax. At present, we are collecting 1,200 crore in property tax, but it is not enough for the kind of developmental activities that this city needs. Trade license is mandatory for all kind of businesses. Only 55,000 businesses have trade licences out of the more than six lakh commercial power connections. Health officials have been asked to visit each establishment to advise traders to obtain trade licences. If businesspersons don’t come forwardontheirown,wewillhavetotake serious action, including sealing their establishments.” While most eateries obtain a trade licence, garment traders, jewellery dealers, hardware shops and other businesses are carried out without any kind of licence from the BBMP. Babu said, “It is mandatory for jewellery shops, garment traders, provisional stores and other business establishments to obtain a trade licence. However, in Chickpet alone, only 2,957 businesspersons have obtained trade licences even though the number of shops and business establishments is much more.” BBMP’s south zone health officer M N Lokesh said, “We are ready to issue new trade licences, but despite reminders there is hardly any response from businesspersons. I will propose the action to be taken against people who are unwilling to obtain licences.” Jewellery Association president G V Sreedhar is against the move. He said, “The jewellery business doesn’t come under the category needing a trade licence from the BBMP. We have been opposing the BBMP on this issue for many years.” SajjanRajMehta,former president of KarnatakaHosiery and GarmentAssociation, said, “The garments trade doesn’t fall under the category needing a BBMP trade licence. We have obtained exemption from the state government. We will continue to oppose the civic agency in this matter.” Lokesh said, “Recently, we had issued notices to establishments in a shopping complex in Jayanagar 4th block, but the traders refused to take a trade licence saying that they are already paying VAT to the state government.Wearetryingtoconvincethem, but the final decision will be taken by higher authorities.” The Jewellery Association insists that the business doesn’t come under the category needing a trade licence REGARDS..


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