Saturday, September 21, 2013


As is the motto of JYS Bangalore towards the unity of jain Community , we are preparing a book " JAIN EKTA - KYU HAI ZAROORI" which will have the views of all the Jain Guru Bhagwant and prominent Jains , which is another step that JYS Bangalore is taking towards unity of jain community . The book that we will publish is going to include the various points such as Need for the unity of jains ; Probable reasons of reduction in the unity of jain community ; Probable Future of Jain community ; Measures that can be taken to Unite Jains. We believe the whole community as one big family and all the members are open to discussions , hence we will surely appreciate everyone's views and thoughts towards the Unity of Jain Community. For any further information Kindly Contact: Jain Sajjan Raj Mehta Chairman- Jain Co-ordination Committee Mob: +91 9845501150

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