Tuesday, June 10, 2014


​ 11.6.14 TO, THE HON'BLE UNION FINANCE MINISTER, LOK - SABHA, NEW DELHI.. RESPECTED SIR SUBJECT ; PRE- BUDGET MEMORANDUM SEASON'S GREETINGS ENTIRE KARNATAKA TRADE & INDUSTRY IS WITH ME IN CONGRATULATING YOU & OUR DYNAMIC PRIME MINISTER FOR SUPERB VICTORY WITH A THUMPING MAJORITY.. STABLE GOVERNMENT IS THE NEED OF THE DAY & WE ARE THANKFUL TO SRI MODI JI THAT TO PROVIDE INDIA A GREAT JOURNEY OF SUCCESS TOWARDS PROSPEROUS ECONOMY OF OUR COUNTRY , YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE PRIME RESPONSIBILITY AS UNION FINANCE MINISTER..YOUR PAST RECORD AS A ABLE ADMINISTRATOR WAS QUITE ENOUGH FOR IT... Hope and trust that under your able guidance Indian economy will prosper further and further..what-ever reforms the Union Government is implementing will be fruitful for the trade & industry .. PHASING OUT CST We would like to divert your kind attention that yet CST has not been phased out and we from the trade and industry are regularly paying CST@2%yet..It is a long pending demand from us to phase out the CST in total.. long back it should have been @0%... The department concerned in all States of India fail to provide 'c' forms in right time to traders for the reasons best known to them . In Karnataka situation might be different as compared to others but yet we feel it puts additional work load on traders and compels them to bear the burnt of red-tapism,harassment & corruption.. Currently VAT & INCOME TAX AUDIT is required on the turnover of Rupees @10000000/- which could be increased to Rupees @20000000/- to help the medium segment of traders .. We traders will consider it a much deserving gift & the way the inflation has gone up it will help us a bit.. GST is due but no road map or guide lines yet so we will be highly obliged if we have the proper information in well advance... WISH THE UP-COMING UNION BUDGET A HAPPENING SUCCESS...WE TRUST THAT YOU WILL LEND YOUR PERSONAL ATTENTION TO OUR ABOVE MENTIONED SUGGESTIONS & LEAVE NO STONE UN - TURNED TO ISSUE NECESSARY ORDER FOR THEIR IMPLEMENTATION AT THE EARLIEST.. WITH KINDEST REGARDS.. THANKS A LOT.. YOURS FAITHFULLY SAJJAN RAJ MEHTA EX.PRESIDENT..KARNATAKA HOSIERY AND GARMENT ASSOCIATION CHAIRMAN..TAXATION COMMITTEE..K H A G A 09845501150

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