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500 city based busy Jain students, businessmen and professionals embraced tradition like never before. Lead a life of Jain Monk for a day on 21st August. They did not have bath. There was prohibition of use of money, jewellery, vehicles, current/light, fan, no worldly comforts and possessions. There was no food to eat. When hungry at lunch time they had to go out on own and act as Bhikshu to fetch food for lunch and dinner and then they had to eat the food begged from Jain Homes. They spent whole Sunday in silence, prayers, spirituality,thoughtful religious discussion to remind them to be humble and sobriety.

A divided into several groups of 10 to 15 individuals went around walking to Jain Homes in the vicinity on bhikshu.In groups they went to nearby Hanumanthnagar residences in the area of 1 kilometer & collected food.People served roti, rice, sweet,eatables to their one day 'Monks. Then they went around couple of houses and returned to Jain Sthanak Building , had their lunch long with 500 other fellow Jains.

Speaking about one day spiritual retreat 29year old Amit mehta Jain who is in chemical business said "that this one day of his monkhood life will lead a step to get ‘moksha’. This life is a journey. Right now we are on the platform called earth. Tomorrow when we leave we must attain moksh. That is why i participated in this one day spiritual retreat to lead a life of a monk for a day. And I am enjoying this. But, this is the first time a large number of 500 busy CEOs, Businessmen and Professional are taking part. This shows that lot of us want to go back to our roots", said Amit Mehta.

Roshan Bafna who is in furniture business participated because to feel good. And i want to lead a life of monk as often as possible. it gives me lot of inner strength & mental peace. Uttam Bohra who is in jewellery business enjoyed leading a life of monk. It was very tough. Now i know how difficult it is to lead a life of a monk. But, enjoy repeating this as often as i can, if provided opportunities. Padam Raj Mehta who is 57 years old and in the business of Garments say age doesn't deter to be a monk for a day.Kawarlal Gadiya who is in finance & Gems Business has a hectic life. I want to take a break. Initially i had little apprehension. Now i am very comfortable. It is difficult to give up worldly posessions. But not impossible. I am glad i am able to lead a tough life of a monk, he said.

500 city Jain businessmen and professionals renounced their daily comforts for a day on Sunday, 21st August and lead a life of Jain monks as part of ‘Bhikshu Daya’, a program organised by Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh,Hanumanthnagar ,Bangalore.

Chaturmas Months beginning from July to October considered holy months for Jains. During this time Jains become more religious, do rigorous fasting, spend time in religious meetings, spirituality. Some give up night meals, just surviving on water.

But this time around 500 city resident Jains who are into business and various professions gave up all their personal comforts for a day on 21st August. Sporting monks attire, dhoti and all. Monks carry a special broom to sweep any insects that may cross their path. They wear a cloth over the mouth to prevent accidental harm to airborne germs and insects. They also do not use electricity as it involves violence. Furthermore, they do not use any devices or machines. spend full day in prayers and service. In Bhikshu Daya they take this retreat for a day in busy life to sport a role of a monk and will experience the lifestyle of the monk. The hardships of monks are best known only when we ourselves are a monk. And that is what we want people of this modern age to experience so as to enable us to take back them to their roots, informed Mr.Tarachand Bhandari & Mr.Hukmichand Bafna Of Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh.

A Monk's Journey is tough. We must occasionally take a week of silence to renew our spirit from this hustle bustle lifestyle. But, this is not done routinely. Though Jains have a tradition, but, not many follow. It is even more rare in present day circumstances. But, now some CEOs of major businesses, professionals, politicians would take a day of silent retreat as ordained Jain monks. This was to remind them to be humble in spirit and anchor themselves in sobriety, says Sri Ghevar Chand Singhvi. President of Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh.Hanumant nagar..

Sajjan Raj Roonwal Says leading a life of a monk is not easy. They are divested of all their metals and money. They denounce all worldly possessions. And are made to go for 'Bhiksha' (alms), two times in a day, once at lunch time other in the evening. These 500 financially well off Jains will experience what it take to beg for food. They will go around Jain homes.

Life of a Jain monk is hard. A Jain monk or nun lives away from his or her family and travels from one place to another on foot. To a Jain monk, the whole world is his family. Jain monks usually live in groups of 2 and above.. They have very few worldly possessions. They do not keep any money. The senior monk of the group lectures every morning and many householders go to listen to his lecture. The monks eat the food offered to them by the householders. The monks study almost the whole day. They meditate two or three times each day. The monks do not go from one town to another during the rainy season. They also do not go out for food when it is raining. These practices are followed to minimize accidental killing of small insects. The monks observe several fasts in a year. Jain monks do not eat before sunrise or after sunset. This is because the number of living organisms in the atmosphere is reduced by sunlight.

Sajjan Raj Mehta said, this program gives us a peep into the lifestyle of the 13000 Jain monks, who give their life for propagation of peace and non violence and preachings of Lord Mahavira. In the current perspective while whole nation is following the principals of non violent agitation through ANNA HAZARE, we as Jains feel proud that in today's world their is one Gentleman who has followed the path of LORD MAHAVIRA.

I’m not a monk, nor will I ever become one. However, I find great inspiration in the way they try to live their lives: the simplicity of their lives, the concentration and mindfulness of every activity, the calm and peace they find in their day says,Sajjan Raj Mehta, Convenor of this project of Sri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh.We encourage our people to do it every year as a penance. It also purifies body and mind and reminds the preachings and practices of Mahavira and his emphasis on renunciation and asceticism.

Sajjan Raj Mehta
Chairman..Media cell

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