Friday, August 26, 2011

Jains join in protests on Day in indian express on 26.8.11

Jains join in protests on Day 10
Express News Service , The New Indian Express
Updated Aug 26, 2011 at 12:02pm IST

BANGALORE: Students in hordes continue to flock Freedom Park on day 10 of India Against Corruption protest on Thursday.
Different organisations from the city and beyond, too, have joined in the cause.
Members of the Jain Yuva Sangattan extended their support towards the Anna movement by gathering in large numbers at the Park.
Around 2,000 Jains participated in the protest.
“We strongly believe in non-violence.
The principle of ahimsa was followed by lord Mahaveer and then by Gandhiji.
Now, Annaji is propagating non-violence for the right cause,” said ex- President of Jain Yuva Sangattan Jain Sajjanraj Mehta.
The Jains are observing fast on the occasion of their festival, Jain Paryushan, today.
“Today, due to our festival, over 10,000 devotees in Karnataka are observing fast.
We dedicate this day to Annaji,” said Mr Mehta.


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