Friday, July 5, 2013

KIND ATTN .. Raise your voice to stop meat export

KIND ATTN .. Raise your voice to stop meat export Respected Sir, Compliments from World Veg Council. Rajya sabha has called for the views of the General public on a petition against export of meat by Jainacharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri Maharaja which is under consideration. You will all appreciate the need to ban export of meat on account of its adverse implications on public health and environment. Accordingly, we are enclosing copy of a Notification issued by the Partliament of India, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Committee on Petitions, regarding Petititon praying for reviewof Meat Export Policy. How to act: I. ONLINE: Visit the website for more details about the petition and for signing in support of the petition online. To support the review of the Meat Export Policy through online by filling up the following information i.e., (i) Your Name, (ii) Your Email id, & (iii) security code (image will display below) & finally click “I Support Petition” (Green button). It will take few seconds only. The above website also gives some good “reasons why we all should support the petition”. II. BY LETTER, FAX OR EMAIL: If you want to send your views opposing the Meat Export Policy and supporting the petition, you can write a letter or fax or email to the following: Shri R.P. Tiwari, Deputy Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110 001. Telefax: 011 2303 5577 mail: Kindly utilize the opportunity to voice your concern and support the cause either online or by email or by fax or by letters as detailed above, protesting against the Meat Export Policy and praying for stopping Meat Exports. You will naturally be advancing the cause of Vegetarianism / Ahimsa. Please spare your valuable time and effort and support the cause. With warm personal regards & best wishes For WORLD VEG COUNCIL N.Tarachand Dugar, International President SAVE WATER. SAVE WORLD. YOU NEED ONLY 253 LITERS OF WATER TO PRODUCE 1/2 KG. OF WHEAT YOU NEED 10515 LITERS OF WATER TO PRODUCE 1/2 KG. OF MEAT. ​JAIN SAJJAN RAJ MEHTA EX.PRESIDENT..JAIN YUVA SANGATHAN ..BANGALORE 09845501150​


  1. गो हत्या रोकी जाये

  2. Dudh amrit tuly h jo gaiye se milta h or log gaiye ki htya kr ke log snsar me vish fela rha h
    Gau hatya maha aapradh h gau htya rokiye.
    Jai mahavir swami