Saturday, January 22, 2011



Politicisation of Hon'ble Governor's post & double standards of the same Congress party at Delhi for their leaders facing the same type of serious allegations running to thousands & lakhs of crores more than our Hon'ble C.M has somewhere created a sympathy wave for Sri B.S.Yeddyurappaji..People have downed their shutters willingly although they will be the endloosers..We people act above the party politics always because our bread and butter is not being supplied by them..

Last 3-4 decades we are witnessing that people with the political background & having old age are being deputed as Governors in the States which needs to be altered..Their expertise can be used elsewhere.Constitutional office of Governor can't be used as agency to disrupt the state politics.It is the duty of the Governors to safeguard the interest of the common people of the State but not with the political vendetta in the mind..The number of scams which has irrupted recently let it be2G SPECTRUM, CWG GAMES,Worst Inflation due to black marketing of the essential commodities,Swiss Bank Accounts,Adarsh society cases,Quottrachis relation with the Congress Party bosses etc,what has been done by the Hon'ble President Of India..Each politician is facing some sort of allegations but to the level the feud between the Governor & CM of Karnataka has reached, it will not help Karnataka anyway to prosper.If corruption is the core issue,Centre Govt at Delhi must go..

President of India must look into the Karnataka episode & advise the Governor to act sincerely & BJP think tank at the peek must take suitable action to save their first Govt in south by adopting the perfect plan to rule the State..The need of the day is healthy relations between the Government and the Raj Bhavan.Democracy has to be safeguarded at any cost...LET KARNATAKA PROPER WITH THE BLESSING OF GOD..

Sajjan Raj Mehta

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