Sunday, October 12, 2014


PRESS - RELEASE ADVERSE IMPACT OF ONLINE SALES ON MSME ? This feeling is on behalf of all businessmen who are in retail and semi whcolesale business. We businessmen are happy to see a person of positive energy and sprit as our Prime Minister. We dominate to 80% retail business in india as small and medium entrepreneurs and more than 20 crores are employed in such organisations.. Since last two years online business had started penetrating into the retail business with negative pricing being funded by foreign institutions to destablise businessmen like us. The scenerio is to such extent the online portal such as AMAZON / FLIPKART / SNAPDEAL /EBAY etc. have discounted the price to the tune of 30% from the wholesale landing price. These people are trying to spoil the total atmosphere of business. Intention may be anything ? These people are creating a vaccum for bigger retail store of foriegn investment. These people are driving innocent public of our country away from the small and medium store which is a back bone of Indian economy where people are self employed and provide employment to the tune of 30% of indian population. In the name of FDI these people are entering in our economy spoiling the earning of our country and they will initially discount the prices and change the habit of customer and then these portals will be purchased by bigger international Giants and start making real profit thereafter and take our revenue to their country. They shall employ few lakhs of skilled employees, but what about crores of unskilled and semiskilled labourers whom we have provided employment. If this is going to continue we see a dark future...There will be only servants and labourers and no one can be entrepreneurs in our country in this scenario.. we shall be limited to only salaried class. Let us appeal to our beloved Prime Minister to take necessary action to arrest negative business being promoted by these online portals and save our country's valuable revenue being looted by these multinationals and so called antinationals who are killing this basic economy for their personal gains. It's the right time for we MSME businessmen also to pledge that we will not sell our products through such portals who promote negative sales. We are the one who support these looters by providing our products to be sold at undercost. Please donot provide materials if your product is sold below cost. This will ultimately kill the MSME as we are making them powerful by selling or buying products through them. I understand we have no other option left other than to sell products through them. Let us think for few moments what we are going to achieve by supporting them. think again and decide for nation.. An appeal : THROUGH YOUR ESTEEMED MEDIA , WE REQUEST TO THE GOVERNMENT TO HAVE A DETAILED DISCUSSION WITH MSME, TRADE ASSOCIATIONS, BUREAUCRACY & CONCERNED MINISTRY TO CHALK OUT A BETTER STRATEGY FOR PERFECT BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT...I STRONGLY FEEL ANY WRONG POLICY OR MOVE TAKEN UNDER PRESSURE FROM A FEW GIANTS , WHO ARE STARVED FOR CAPITAL INFUSION FOR THEIR FUTURE SURVIVAL...I AM HOPEFUL THAT OUR PRIME MINISTER WILL NOT ALLOW ANY DISRUPTION OF THE PREVAILING SYSTEM OF RETAIL TRADING & SAFEGUARD MSME SECTION OF INDIAN SOCIETY.. THANKS A LOT.... WITH KINDEST REGARDS... SAJJAN RAJ MEHTA TRADE ACTIVIST 09845501150 EX.PRESIDENT..KARNATAKA HOSIERY & GARMENT ASSN. VICE CHAIRMAN..INTERNAL TRADE COMMITTEE.. FKCCI..BLORE MEMBER...CAIT...DELHI MEMBER...BHARTIYA UDHYOG VYAPAR MANDAL..DELHI

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