Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CHIKPET; Model Market without Pollution & Congestion

CHIKPET; Model Market without Pollution & Congestion

As discussed, we would like our CHIKPET traders to pass a resolution and request BBMP & ABIDe to make CHIKPET Area - A model Shopping Zone free of congestion and pollution.

Avenue Road, BVK Iyenger Road and Cross roads joining these two roads to be made Pollution & Congestion free and pedestrian only zones with Concrete Roads (so that roads do not get damaged in rains), covered drains and high quality footpaths (like on Vittal Malaya Road).
This must be developed as a model Market Area as a pilot and to be extended to other such zones across Bangalore.

Electric/Battery operated vehicles can be organized and managed by for easy moment of pedestrians/shoppers with space for keeping their goods. It could be shuttle service moving in the streets all the time in both directions. People can Hop on & Hop Off wherever they want. More like a Golf Cart kind of Electirc/Battery Vehicles.

Public vehicles (cars/motorcycles) may be restricted from entering this zone between 8.00am to 9.00pm, Parking for general public can be accommodated at city market,silver jubili park road, Post office road,Palace road ,Central collage ground. This location is also well connected by mass transport - Buses going to KR Market and Majestic are at 2 ends, so more people can be encouraged to uses Buses to reach this shopping area and then use your electric vehicle to move around Chikpet.

Sajjan Raj Mehta

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